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The day is finally here, it’s time to announce the recipient of the Hivemind Creative Mission Trip Scholarship!

We’ve sorted through all of the submissions, and we had our work cut out for us! We’ve received some really inspiring scholarship applications, and each one of you have great stories. After narrowing the selection down one by one, we’ve finally come to a decision…

Drumroll please…

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This is Shannon Mahoney. She doesn’t know it yet, but she is the recipient of the Hivemind Creative Scholarship! While each and every single one of you who applied had incredible causes that you are going to be a part of, Shannon’s story really stood out to us. Here’s a little introduction to Shannon:

She’ll be going with the Convoy of Hope and a team from Chi Alpha Fellowship in Lafayette, LA to bring food and medical supplies to the people of Haiti. While on the ground, Shannon and her team will be serving the poor, feeding the hungry, and bringing Jesus to those without hope.

We were so inspired by Shannon’s humility and sense of purpose, and we are incredibly excited to partner along with her to help reach the people of Haiti.

We wish we could help each and every person that applied, but even if you weren’t selected, there are still plenty of resources available to you to help you continue to raise funds toward your goal. In addition to using a fundrasing website like, projects such as car washes, garage sales, and even a letter to friends and family can be extremely effective in reaching your goal.

Congratulations to Shannon!